Ayurveda 101

Ayurveda, a sister science to Yoga, has been practiced for thousands of years and is becoming mainstream here in the United States...because it works!  This class will demystify Ayurveda, making it accessible to everyone.  

You will learn basic yet powerful daily self-care techniques to integrate into your daily routine, improving your immunity, mental clarity and digestive bliss.  These practices combine to become your Dinacharya and are absolutely simple and purely natural.  You'll walk away tuned into what your body and mind crave: increased energy and clearer thinking. 

Cost: $15 pp

Times and Locations:

Groups are forming.  Form your own small group, or request to join another group.

Fall Ayurvedic Detox Group

The time when seasons meet creates a more vulnerable environment for our immunity and makes our bodies susceptible to disease and imbalance.  By moving with natures wise time table we can learn when it is time to change our daily routine to better flow with the new season.  

This fully supported body cleanse and re-set will have you greeting the Fall lightly!  We'll spend two hours together learning the process and exploring the tools you will need to be successful, including recipes, tongue scrapers, bath salts, Fall Churma spice blends, teas and journaling.  Participants can choose the length of their detox process with 2-3 days easing in and 2-3 days of "re-entry".  We'll create a support network via Facebook to stay connected and supported throughout the process.

Cost: $50 

Times and Locations:

TBD.  Contact Lara to schedule today!

Colton, OR

I am also offering a one-on-one Ayurvedic Health Coach experience as an add-on to this cleanse. This will include two one hour sessions with me which will will allow us to explore a little deeper and address your personal needs.

 I will use what we discover to formulate a custom plan which will help you transition into Fall/Winter with balance.

As an add-on to the Detox Group Cost: $100

Just the Fall Coaching Sessions Cost: $120

Times and Locations:

TBD.  Contact Lara to schedule today!

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