Personal Training

I'll coach you to find your inner strength and body wisdom.  

I'll train you to love the body you have, to become and remain functional.  

'll encourage you to be strong, allowing you to enjoy every aspect of your long life. 


Currently I'm training at Nelson's Nautilus Plus in Oregon City.  Please visit their website for scheduling and complete information:


I also provide personal training sessions on-site at your location,  Would you like to put a small group together for added motivation and cost sharing?  We can do that too.We'll use basic resistance training equipment, bosu, stability ball, free weights and body weight work

Private and On-Location Rates:

First Session Evaluation and Program lasts about 90 minutes and costs $120

60-minute sessions are $40

90-minute sessions are $50

10x 60 minute sessions $350

10x90 minute sessions $450

Pricing includes all pre and re-assessments, necessary program adjustments, phone/text/email coaching and travel time.



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