What's on the Yoga Mix-Tape to Yourself?

Over time I have compiled a vintage rock–n-roll play-list I'll sometimes use to accompany my daily yoga practice. What’s on it you ask? Tesla's Love Song? Yup! I’ve got two versions of that, followed up by Led Zeppelin’s Thank You. Often, I crank up these cheesy gems during my classes; I’m sure testing the patience and devotion of my students. But, as they know, music is a big part of my life. I play them in class as a reminder tothem to love your-self. Be righteous to yourself. Move on. Give yourself the care and consideration you would a lover. I even have Sam Cook’s version of This Little Light of Mine, a favorite since my Sunday school days. It’s a reminder to let your light shine, Namaste, and give us all that you are. When we apply the lyrics of these tunes to ourselves, it’s a gentle reminder of how much we have grown and evolved since entering the world with our first gasp of breath in and our first almighty scream; a scream to rival Joplin, Dickinson, or Roth.

The possibilities are endless for your own yoga mix-tape. One of my personal favorites behaves as if it came from the teachings of the Yoga Sutras. Groan if you must, but there are a few little nuggets in this victory song, the Eagles’ Already Gone.

"So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key.”

I have discovered many “keys” while taking the time to step onto the mat or onto the trail, exhaling and meditating on the power of just being. When I've taken back time to practice, even when my perception was that I was too busy, or out of time, locks clicked open and door hinges creaked, and through the doors were the answers. The most recent is set of locked chains I am working on is self-limiting doubt and fear. If I don’t practice I can’t see that I am “holding myself down” and I can feel the physical effect of anxiety begin to grip me. I quickly lose the ability to replace my fear with courage. It’s finally becoming natural and easy to recognize the grip in my body, pushing me out of balance like being dehydrated or allowing blood sugar to drop too low. My body can signal me when it's time to take care, but if I'm not listening I miss it, encouraging the locks to tighten even more.

Commitment to a daily yoga practice either on the mat, in nature, or sitting quietly in your car for a few minutes, can open doors and help us discover the tools we need to move forward toward our highest self, peeling away self-perceived limitations. By looking deeper into our practice, beyond the asana, we really begin to grow. But have some fun. Remember some of your old anthems, make yourself a mix-tape, love yourself, and practice listening. But as you practice, be sure you’re not just seeing the stars…see the light. That’s right.

I have an opening this Saturday morning (3/19/16) for a private session or a small group class you can put together. Message me if you would like me to reserve the time for you to take some time.

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