One Tiny Goal

New Year’s resolutions are generally BS. Personally, they are guilt seeds that will sprout later on. Instead, I’m thinking about Tiny Goals. For example, my car is typically a pig sty. Considering her mileage, I should show a little more respect, but I don’t. There are mandalas of coffee rings on the dash, sand from numerous coast trips in the carpet, and road grit on the rims. I know if I start to clean one part it will be an all-out Jeep Spa experience. So, I don’t. The layers build up. Physical evidence of not starting. Again.

This is real for so many little corners of my life, including professional training. Instead of picking away at it a bit at a time, I allow social-and self-pressure to do it all, now! Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. This year I am going to embrace the process: The unfolding and the evolution of experience instead of expectations.

Can I invite you to give this a try too? Just start. Exercise just once a week, exhale peace and compassion once a day instead of spewing colorful (and boy don’t I know so satisfying) road rage, try eating 2 meat-free meals a week, hop on-the-wagon during the week…pick one tiny goal. Just one. Keep it simple, with no expectations, just let it be and witness.

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