A joyful desire to empower her students, on and off the mat, is the juice that powers Lara's teaching.


A yogi of sorts for her entire life; climbing, running, rolling, laughing and exploring the dirt in the hills of Oregon, Lara fell in love with teaching YOGA while working as a personal trainer and was asked to cover a yoga class. The MIA instructor never returned, but Lara stayed for 3 years, until it was time to open her own studio.


Life's path can get heartbreaking, curvy and discouraging, but the one true light that has remeined constant in this girl's heart is YOGA.  Trained in the Hatha style, Lara is able to skillfully adapt asana/poses to meet the ever changing needs of bodies and she strives to offer a gentle, yet powerful, practice to her students.


Weaving in pranayama, relaxation techniques, chakara awareness and the various energies that swirl into the practice space, Lara builds a sense of community for her students and holds each of them in a place of unfaltering compassion and love.


McLaughlin Fitness, LLC